Sunday, October 6

Moab Utah

Fun times in Moab 2013

Saturday, August 11

I figured out how to log back in!

This is exciting! Maybe we will not be so slow to Blog now! Yet it won't let me load a picture! Bre you'll have to help me figure it out.

Thursday, July 15

Slow to Blog

We are slow to blog, yet have high hopes in getting better! So how has your last year been? Ours have had some up's and down's.

Saturday, May 16

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa Taylor (and all his siblings) was rocked by his parents in this rocking chair. Now it's his turn to rock Addy! Great Grandma Bea gave it to Grandpa Taylor to rock all his grandbabies in.

Grandma Sheryl (and all her siblings) used this craddle for Robert & BreAnna (and most of their cousins) Great Grandpa Don gave it to Grandma Sheryl to carry on the tradtion for the grandbabies.

Our granddaughter is here!!!

Adelaide Faye "Addy"

Saturday, March 21

Baby Shower for Bre and Richard

Bre and Richard are having a baby... Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Taylor gave a baby shower at Great Grandpa Don's... Enjoy the pictures

Friday, March 20

Summer Time

Summer Time has never seemed so welcomed, we love our four season's, yet for some reason this year Winter was just no fun. With more sunlight showing up each day and the temp's slowing getting warmer all we can think of is . . . Summer Time. . . What are your plans this Summer?